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Font Changer and Fancy Fonts Style.

Font Generator allows the users to change their normal text into different cool and stylish fonts for use in your social media platforms such as Instagram,

How to use Font Generator?


Input Your Text

Open your Font Generator tool and type your text or use the copy/paste option.

See Full List of Fonts

A drop-down list will be shown by the tool to select anyone.

Select Your Font

You can select your favorite font.


Font Generator with Social Media Platforms

Fonts for Instagram Bio

You can use the font generator tool for creating uniqueness in the profile name, stories, comments, and bio of your Instagram. It is a cool way of making your bio stylish and impressing your friends and followers.

Fonts for Facebook

You commonly notice the profile names of your friends on Facebook. In fact, all this is the miracle of a font generator. You can also make changes to your Facebook profile, posts, or stories using the copy/paste option from the font generator websites.

Fonts for Twitter

Make your tweet stylish and unique with the help of a font generator. Just type your words in the box given in the tool, select the font, and get your preferred tweet. In this way, you can also change your Twitter bio.

Fonts for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most usable chatting app around the world. You can send stylish and amazing texts to your friends with the help of a font generator.

Fonts for Gaming

Like other social media platforms, gaming is also the most usable platform online. Billions of people love to play different online games including PUBG, Free Fire, and so on. You can make your gaming name more stylish and attractive with the help of font generators.

Fonts for Photoshop

Photoshop is also a big workstation for editing images or photos. it is the best choice for graphic designers who can design more beautifully while using the fonts for Photoshop.

What is Font Generator?

Fancy Text Font Style is a real-time font generator for your given text with different symbols. Our utility generates and changes fonts. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Contacts, Notes, etc. can use the created text. It turns simple text into attractive fonts with symbols. turns plain text into a distinctive and attractive typeface. The most stylish generator is used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The software employed Unicode characters from numerous languages, phonetic alphabets, and font styles like calligraphy, cursive, italic, bold, web script, and handwriting.

What is Unicode?

Unicode characters are internationally used symbols for computers. As we know, the computer recognizes only binary systems, so it requires some specific symbols to use for binary numbers. Several systems were introduced for the purpose before the Unicode system. 137,000 Unicode characters are available that are used to change your text into fancy fonts. Any font you want to generate, type any text and let the font generator change it into any of your favorite fonts. Font generating is a tedious process, it is better to download the generator tool for automating this tedious process and create cool and fancy fonts easily.

What is the Difference between Fonts, Symbols, and Emojis?

Knowing about the difference between fonts, symbols, or emojis is easy. We know the fonts generated by the font generator are in fact symbols assembled with Unicode characters. So it is not possible to direct copy the Comic Sans text and paste it into any of your social media platforms. In fact, fonts are a set of graphics that are arranged by the owner of the specific websites. Similarly, emojis are also symbols having a unique Unicode number.

Copy & Paste

Copy & paste is the simplest and easiest way of moving data on the computer. When you copy a text from one place, it is saved in the clipboard (temporary storage of the computer) and gets back to the required place using the paste command. Copy/paste is the main command used in the font generator tool as it allows you to move your favorite fonts to an Instagram bio, Facebook post, and Twitter tweet, used for rooky names in games and used in messages of chatting apps like Whatsapp or Telegram.

Tiny Text

The Tiny text can change your text into different types including Small Caps, Superscripts, Subscripts, and so on. You can use this type of text for your social media bio, status, posts, or profile. On changing into tiny text some alphabets may not be fine because of the Unicode system.

Zalgo Text

This type of text will be displayed on heights, fallen, and messed up in some places.


The text uses traditional Asian symbols and Japanese 80s text style and changes the normal style into an aesthetic font.

Glitch Text

It offers more than 120,000 styles and is specifically used in internet memes.

Bold text

Bold Text including Bold, Bold Italic, Sans-Serif Bold, Sans-Serif Bold Italic, Gothic Bold, and Script Bold generates bold text using the Bold Mathematical Unicode Characters.

Italic Text

Italic text is available in two styles i.e. Italic and San-Serif Italic created with Mathematical Unicode.

Script Text

Script text is the mixture of Mathematical Script characters and some other Script Characters along with a Script Bold version. It looks like a calligraphy style.

Gothic Text

It gives the old English look while using Mathematical Fraktur Characters and some Black Letter Characters.